Photo News Today 11/2/15 #PNT


Today we share some tips for marketing your photography business easily and effectively, help you create your first motion time lapse and even help boost your sales by tapping into your five senses. This and more in today’s edition of Photo News Today! 

I love sharing little marketing tips in these daily articles. Some may overlap but it’s good to have that little reminder of things you can do to grow and market your business.

If you have ever watched the Discovery Channel or NatGeo chances are you have seen stunning motion timelapses. If you have the urge to create one yourself take a look at this article as it walks you through just how to do a motion time lapse.

There are many options for supporting your lights while out in the field. This next article from DPS (Digital Photography School) goes through several different ways you can support your off camera flashes and modifiers.

In this next article/video is a bit creepy. I feel like it should be used at high schools all around the nation to see how easy it is for people to hide behind social media. Watch the short video, it’s only 1 minute long!

This next article comes from Sal Cincotta and it talks about how the five sense impact sales. Very interesting article!

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