5 things you need to know about #photography for 11/2/16

AppleNews300Today we share some tips on finding your niche, some tips on becoming a Lightroom master, and even go behind the scenes on a celebrity wedding. This and more in today’s edition of Photo News Today! 

When you first start off in photography, you want to take any clients that reach out but I can promise you its not the best for you or your business. In this next article, Dani Miller talks about finding her niche and how her business thrived.

Here are 10 tips to help you master Lightroom for faster editing.

Recently Apple announced all new MacBook Pro’s. Take a look at their new features here:

In this video we get some tips and behind the scenes of what it’s like to shoot celebrity weddings. Check out the video from Kevin Hart’s wedding.

Photoshop is a very complicating software so if you are just getting started, avoid these beginner mistakes!

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