5 things you need to know about #photography for 11/1/16

AppleNews300Today we share a ton of editing tools for all levels of users, an explanation of Thunderbolt 3 and some awesome updates for Fuji users out there. This and more in today’s edition of Photo News Today! 

Flash manufacturer, Yongnuo, has recently showed off a 100mm f2 lens for use on Canon cameras. Check out the link below to find out more!

I usually don’t like to share overwhelming articles but this next article shares a ton of useful tools for all different levels of creatives. If you are just getting started, take a look!

The new Macbooks were recently released and you will notice that they reference Thunderbolt 3 but some are calling it USB-C. If you are wondering what the difference is take a look at this next article.

This next article from Lightstalking shares a few examples of how photography has changed the world.

Fuji released an all new update to their firmware and they also released a new plugin for tethered shooting in Lightroom.

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