5 things you need to know about #photography for 11/10/16

AppleNews300Today we share some tips on what to wear to your next photoshoot, a free photoshop alternative and a brand new camera from Nikon. This and more in today’s edition of Photo News Today! 

Affinity Photo which came out some time ago on the Mac is now available for public beta on the windows side of the house. If you are looking for an alternative to Photoshop check it out!

Today Nikon announced the successor to their entry level Nikon D5500, the D5600. While the two don’t differ greatly, there are a couple of significant changes.

This next article is about composition and how you can move around to get better shots from different angles.


Many times you hear people say things like “Too bad it’s micro 4/3’s” or other things hating on smaller sensor cameras. This next article shares some of the opposite views in order to debunk some of the nay sayers!


What do YOU wear to a photoshoot? If you have not contemplated this question, take a look at this next article for a few tips!

Photographer’s Dress Code – What to Wear to a Photo Shoot


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