5 things you need to know about #photography for 10/27/16

AppleNews300Today we share an all new trigger system for Fuji X users, a great guide on getting started on street photography, and an all new computer from Microsoft designed for artists. This and more in today’s edition of Photo News Today! 

Someone shared this with me today and I wanted to share with all of our Fuji shooters. A new trigger is on the market that allows you to use Any TTL flash with the Fuji X series of cameras. This is a game changer for anyone who uses TTL flashes or strobes.

Looking to get started with street photography? Get started with this awesome guide from photographer Phil Steele, a well known street photographer!

The Ultimate Guide to Street Photography

Cactus released there V6 wireless flash trigger and digital photography has a great hands on demo with some great sample photos as well!

Overview and Test of the New Cactus V6II Wireless Flash Trigger for High-Speed Sync

Yesterday Microsoft announced the all new Surface studio which was built for the digital artist. Check out the specs and announcement information here:

Microsoft’s new Surface Studio wants to kill both the iMac and Wacom Cintiq

Getting started in newborn photography can be a costly endeavor, here are 10 things that are the must haves for getting started!

10 Must-Haves Items for Starting a Career in Newborn Photography



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