5 things you need to know about #photography for 11/5/16

AppleNews300Today we share a great article on the pros and cons of DSLR and Mirrorless, look at the psychology behind photography brands, and ask 10 of the top pros in the industry about their first camera. This and more in today’s edition of Photo News Today! 

Our first article today is from PetaPixel in which DPReview asks pro photographers about their first camera. What was your first camera?

I love this next article from photography spark in which they go in depth on the psychology behind photographers brand names. What is your brand telling others?

Lightstalking recently did an article on Mirrorless vs DSLR and whether or not there was any substance to the debate. This article shares a lot of great information of pro’s and cons of each system.

I have been really stirred by Apple’s mac book announcement last week and this next open letter shares my thoughts almost exactly how I feel.

Im sure a lot of you have been following the world series and the Cubs big win! Im sure many of you are also aware of the trend of newspapers laying off their photography staff in leau of wire services and the use of amateur photography from the public. This next article from petapixel shows the difference between an iconic photo and just a non impactful image. Which one do you think is better?


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  • Jeff Wallace November 6, 2016 Reply

    1st camera Pentax K1000 in High School (film), first digital Sony Mavika that took 3 1/2″ floppy disks. Took it to Alaska with a big ol box of floppys!

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